Each EasySheet Set Includes

A Top Quality Fitted Bottom Sheet

Two Soft And Comfortable Pillow cases (Twin comes With One Pillow case)

The patented easy sheet fitted top sheet

This patented design is destined to change the bedding industry for the better. The EasySheet is a top sheet made to fit around the foot of the mattress, creating a pouch-like encasing, which slides up the sides of the mattress about eight inches. This pouch is held snug with elastic, however extra fabric is used to create our “zone of expansion” which allows for plenty of “foot Space” and is not confining at all when lying under the covers. The corners are finely tailored “hospital folds”, and the sides hang loose to allow for kicking your feet out if that is your particular sleeping style. The EasySheet will not come off the bed, until you take it off, so you will never have to retuck your top sheet again!

EasySheet sets are sold as complete sets, the same way sheets are currently purchased, and are offered in a variety of thread counts, colors, and price points. The EasySheet design not only stays in place, but reduces bed-making time significantly. We see this as a great benefit to the hospitality industry as well as consumers who lead today’s busy lifestyles. With our new patented product, why aggravate yourself with having to tear your bed down to simply remake it.
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